Florida, Texas, California have 38,000 Covid-19 cases in hospitals

    Austin – Texas, the biggest state in contiguous US, has hospitalized 10,848 people suffering symptoms of Covid-19.

    4,151 have died so far, and the state with the second largest population in the US reported over 9,000 new cases.

    151,059 cases are active.

    131 people died on Tuesday with the total death toll reaching 4,319.

    341,739 total cases are reported in the state with 29 million people. 3,331,844 tests for the virus have been done along with 226,000 serology tests.

    Among the infected are 546 children aged 1 to 9. About 1,400 infections are in kids aged 10 to 19.

    Florida and California also continue to surge.

    Los Angeles County reported 50 new deaths and 2,741 new cases of Covid-19.

    “Of the new cases reported by Public Health today (excluding Long Beach and Pasadena), 57% occurred in people under the age of 41 years old.”

    “This continues to confirm younger people are driving new infections and spread of COVID-19.”

    “To date, Public Health has identified 161,673 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of LA County, and a total of 4,154 deaths,” the county said.

      “There are 2,218 confirmed cases currently hospitalized, 26% of these people are confirmed cases in the ICU and 18% are confirmed cases on ventilators.

    “This is the third consecutive day of over 2,200 hospitalizations.”

    Across California, confirmed cases number 410,000. There have been 7,883 deaths.

    California has 40 million people, a population larger than Canada’s. More than 7,000 are in hospitals.

    While California now has more infections than New York State, the death toll is still far smaller than NY State where 32,218 died.

    In Florida, 369,834 have been infected. Testing is producing a positivity rate of 11.9%.

    A staggering number of people, 21,780 are in hospital. 5,206 have died.

    Across the US, 3,902,135 people have been infected, with 142,068 deaths, the highest in the world.