Justin’s ‘fallen’ eyebrow is fake news

    Raising eyebrows over fake claim
    Snopes.com showed photos showing Justin’s eyebrows are his own.

    A website that regularly debunks fake news has come to the rescue of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau saying social media and some mainstream outlets got it all wrong about the claim of a fallen artificial eyebrow during the G7 summit.

    “Close-up pictures of Trudeau’s face show that his eyebrows grow thicker on the bottom and are slightly darker on the underside of the supraorbital ridge. In certain lighting conditions this combination can, apparently, make it appear as if the brow is misplaced,” Snopes stated.

    Much of the mockery of the Canadian PM seemed to come from Trump extremists who posted videos alleging Trudeau wears fake eyebrows.

    “Other bits of “evidence” for the “fake eyebrow” theory, consisting of screenshots from the aforementioned video, were shared on r/The_Donald, a Reddit group for Trump’s supporters,” said the Snopes fact-check probe.