Praise the Lord and pass the virus

17 infected near Fort St. John, BC, after some attended prayer session in Alberta

Vancouver – Attending a prayer session in Alberta has created a Covid-19 flare up in Northern Health.

At least 12 were infected and they came back to infect more.

“COVID-19 testing and contact tracing has allowed Northern Health to identify a recent event in Alberta where individuals may have been exposed to COVID-19,” a spokesperson for Northern Health said.

“Individuals who attended the It Is Time Canada event in Deadwood, Alberta, between July 30 and August 2, are asked to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19,  and self-isolate and seek testing if they begin to exhibit symptoms.”

“Contact tracing and testing has also identified that some individuals may be at risk of secondary transmission, from contact with cases related to attendance at the event,” Northern Health said.

“NH public health has identified 17 lab-confirmed cases to date; 10 of which remain active cases (seven recovered); 12 of the total number are related to attendance at the event, while the remainder are believed to be from secondary exposure..”

“Contact tracing has also identified a number of close contacts, 24 of whom are in self-isolation with active daily monitoring by public health.

The majority of these cases are in the Fort St. John area, however the exposure alert applies to all of Northeast BC.”

Given the location of the event, it is most likely that residents of Northeast BC may have been in attendance, or had contact with attendees, the health region said.

“Northeast BC residents are strongly encouraged to self-monitor, and self-isolate and seek testing if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.”

The self-styled Evangelical pastor has run into some criticism on his Facebook page.

“How incredibly irresponsible of you to have gone ahead with this event,” said one. Others have praised the Lord.

The pastor, who calls himself Christwalker said in a post:

“I would like to inform you that a few people that were at it is time have now been diagnosed with COVID-19. They did not have the symptoms when they were at the event. Just to keep your own health and others in mind. I do believe it was an incredible time that we had and keep praying in faith with us that nothing will take away from all that God did.”