Canada blows past South Korea in Covid-19 deaths

    Vancouver – 187 Canadians have died from Covid-19 while confirmed cases have escalated to 12,519 with 18 other cases awaiting results.

    Ontario has 3,255 cases and 67 deaths.

    Quebec has 6,101 cases and 61 deaths.

    BC has 1,174 cases and 35 deaths.

    Alberta has 1,075 cases and 18 deaths.

    Newfoundland has 1 death. Manitoba has 2 deaths. Saskatchewan has 3.

    Canada public health stats show:

    “Commonly reported symptoms among reported cases include cough (77%), headaches (57%) and weakness (56%).

    “Based on case reports received to date, 618 cases have been hospitalized, including 187 in intensive care” (There’s a time lag in these figures.

    South Korea, which has been praised for quick test, treat and track action, has Confirmed: 10,177 cases and 177 deaths.

    South Korea has a population of 60 million while Canada has 35 million.

    Experts say South Korea moved much faster than most nations with s dragnet of testing as soon as cases were detected.