Covid-19 kills 19-year-old in Montreal – second young Canadian to die

    Vancouver – A 19-year-old Montreal youth has died from complications caused by Covid-19.

    Don Nsapu, originally from Congo, is the second young person to die from Covid-19.

    A female child under 9 died earlier in June in Ontario and had Covid-19 infection at the time of her death. She remains on Canadian epidemiology reports as a Covid-19 victim.

    Don was one 10,178 Canadian children and youth 19 and below infected with Covid-19.

    That represents 8.4% of total infections in Canada.

    There’s a missing part to this statistic though since kids were isolating for a long time.

    141 of these young people ended up in hospital. 27 in ICU.

    An increasing number of children have been infected in BC since June when they stopped sheltering at home.

    In past two days, 6 children between 0-10 have been infected in BC. This age group has had 118 infections in total.

    For ages 10 to 19 infections are now at 223. Up by 6 in two days.

    Ontario has reported 1 death of girl under 9.

    In total 341 children under 19 have been infected and 4 admitted to hospital.

    Friends and family of the latest victim have started a fund to pay for funeral expenses.

    “Our brother, son and friend Don Béni Kabangu Nsapu left us too early at the age of 19 on August 16, 2020 following complications from the coronavirus.

    “He was born on March 15, 2001 in Kinshasa, Congo (DRC) and he is survived by his parents, Mr. Alain Lukinda Nsapu and Mrs. Hortense Ngalula Mbelu, as well as his brothers and sister: Jérémie, Loïck, Glorie, Alain and Blessing Nsapu .

    “We are all very touched by his passing and we turn our gaze to God during these difficult times.”

    “Any donation in his memory is welcome and may God remember you all. Thank you.”

    If you wish to donate please follow this link.