Holy Family Hospital Covid-19 infections rise to 17

    Vancouver – Covid-19 infections have raced through the long term care campus for seniors at Holy Family Hospital, infecting 14 residents and three staff members.

    Holy Family announced the new count just hours after saying a that 15 people had been infected

    “As of June 14 at 4:00pm, three staff members and 14 residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19,” the popular centre for rehabilitation and senior’s care stated on Sunday.

    This is the latest care facility for seniors to have a large outbreak and BC authorities have struggled to bring Covid-19 transmissions under control.

    Visitations have been stopped and care staff has been ordered to work at only one facility to minimize cross-contamination. pay has also been raised to retain staff during the pandemic.

    “There are two separate floors at the Holy Family campus: a 126 long-term care facility, as well as a 65-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit,” the facility said in a statement.

    “Thus far, there are no COVID-19 cases in rehab.”

    “Residents, patients, families and staff have been notified.”

    “Enhanced control measures were immediately put in place for the entire HFH campus in order to contain the spread and keep residents, patients and staff safe.”

    Holy Family Hospital Covid-19 outbreak worsens with 15 infected