Dix says dig in to fight rising Covid-19 numbers

    Victoria – BC health minister Adrian Dix is urging folks to step up to keep a lid on our Covid-19 figures.

    In the past few weeks BC has been sitting on a ledge with reproductive number R higher than 1.

    This is a measure of how many people can be infected. When the number rises over 1, explosive growth can occur.

    BC registered 30 cases on Tuesday. On Monday it reported a three-day total of 102. On Friday 28 cases were reported. That’s a total of 160 cases since Friday.

    Even more worrisome is that community spread is accounting for this hike. Many numbers are from parties and gatherings in Kelowna.

    “Many new cases of community transmission are from an increase in social interactions this summer,” the health minister said on Twitter.

    “This trend is a concern, but we can turn this around.”

    “We are in a very different place than where we were in March. BC has proven that we know what it takes to flatten the curve, an indication that the curve bending up is a major concern for him and BC PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry.

    “The epidemiologic data also shows that we are at a turning point,” Henry said on Monday

    Figures “right now show some concerning upward bending of our curve, upward trends. In our infection rate or reproduction rate.”

    “And that tells us we’re on the edge,” she said.

    “If we increase our social interactions too much without doing it safely, we do risk a rebound that will impact us all.”

    Dr. Bonnie Henry
    Rise in numbers takes us to edge of explosive growth – Dr. Bonnie Henry.

    “We must acknowledge that the number of new cases reported over the last three days is concerning.”

    On Tuesday BC reported: “There are 266 active cases of COVID-19 in the province and 2,873 people who tested positive have recovered.

    “Of the total COVID-19 cases, 15 individuals are hospitalized, three of whom are in intensive care. The remaining people with COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation.”

    But a note of caution was included in today’s briefing by Dix and Henry.

    “As we have seen in many other places, a few missteps can quickly result is a significant resurgence in new cases of COVID-19.

    “Here in B.C., our curve is trending upward, and we need to bend our curve back down to where it belongs.

    “Many of the new cases are a result of community transmission from an increase in social interactions this summer. This trend is a concern, but we can turn this trend around.”

    Later, Dix took to Twitter to drive the message home.

    “We’ve got to continue to dig in.

    “Because what we do, by following Dr. Henry’s advice, is to allow the people we love to live normal lives within the constraints of a pandemic.”

    “I’m asking BCers to keep going and be with us. It’s not too late to join the fight.”