BC kids have higher infections than over 50s in August

    Vancouver – BC’s high number of cases being reported in August are showing a worrying trend on a number of fronts including rising cases in kids.

    58 children have been infected since July 30, an analysis shows. And child infections are now higher than several age groups.

    As well, that much emphasized curve that we were told to bend is rising and for the first time since mid-pandemic the rate of positivity from tests is up to 3.3 per cent.

    Three more seniors have become newly infected. They are 90+ in age and that’s just in one day.

    From yesterday to today 6 more children are among the 46 reported infections.

    On June 30 the ministry of health reported 64 infection in children aged 0 to 10. And in 10 to 19 that figure stood at 140.

    The number of children infected was more than 6 per cent of the total infected in BC and the combined number of under 19s was 204. (As indicated above.)

    Today’s figures show 86 infections in children aged 0 to 10.

    Also the number of infections in the 10 to 19 group is now at 176.

    The total infections in two child categories are 262. That figure is 58 higher than from July 30.

    From July 30 to now here’s a list of infections in other age groups.

    • On July 30, 20 to 29 age group had 550 infections. Now this group has 735 cases, a hike of 185.
    • On July 30, 30 to 39 age group had 615 infections. This age group now has 740 infections – rise of 125.
    • On July 30, the age group 40 to 49 had 519 infections. That is up 585. A hike of 66.
    • On July 30, people aged between 50 to 59 had 609 cases. That number is at 657. A hike of 48.
    • On July 30, people aged 60 to 69 had 389 infections. Now they have 408. A rise of 19.
    • On July 30, those aged 70 to 79 had 285 infections. Now they have 288. A rise of 3.
    • On July 30, people aged 80 to 89 had 253 cases. Now at 257. A rise of 4.
    • On July 30, people aged 90+ had 149 cases. Now 153 cases. A rise of 4.

    This means children aged between 0 to19 with 58 infections have the fourth highest rate of infection almost comparable to those in age category 40 to 49 who are at 66. And higher than those in ages 50 to 90+.

     BC managed to flatten the curve towards the end of May and beginning of June. But that curve has started to rise after we entered phase 2.

    As well today positivity rate has risen to 3.3 in total 2,072 tests reported by the government. That positivity rate indicates a high number of community infections.

    In today’s 46 infections, Fraser Health reported 28 cases, Vancouver Coastal 12, Interior 2, Northern Health 4. Island Health reported 0.

    BC now has a total 4,111 cases during the pandemic. 551 have been admitted to hospitals since the pandemic began. Currently 8 are in hospital with 5 in ICU.

    48,563 tests per million population is far below Canadian national rate of 120,826 per million population.

    Active cases have jumped to 472 because of high infections detected in July and August.